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what is the best kind of alcohol to use in jello shots?

My birthday is tomorrow and I want to make Jello shots and i have never made them before... what should I use and how do i make them

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    Substitute 1/2 the water in the recipe with vodka!

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    vodka is the best... you can also add some puckers to kick up the flavors.. i.e. watermelon jello with vodka and sour apple pucker or watermelon pucker..

    i use the reg jello size pack.. i think 3oz...mix in 1 cup boiling water to the jello... then in the measuring cup put 1/3 cup with the pucker add vodka to the cup til you get to the 1/2 cup mark then put cold water til you reach the 1 cup mark.. mix that in... poured them into separate cups (i got mine from party city.. they were actually jello shot cups with lids) i stacked them in the fridge and served them the next day with some whipped cream...

    you can do half hot water, half vodka but they dont taste that good.

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    Yeah vodka is pretty good...

    but if you want some really strong jello shots, use EVERCLEAR!

    those will be some super strong jello shots. Good times...

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    Vodka, that way you will really be able to taste the jello flavor and not the booze.

    Here is the recipe:

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    Vodka. Cut half the water. Replace with vodka!

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    I personally like doing cocktail jell-o shots; like margarita ones with lime jell-o, the cold water replaced with tequilla. You can also do pina colada ones with pineapple jello and coconut rum( coconut rum isn't all that strong, so I'd replace maybe 3/4 of the water with coconut rum, instead of half). You can also do strawberry daquiri ones with strawberry jellow and half rum half water. Be creative, have fun and happy birthday!!!

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    rum and pina colada is awesome! get pina colada jello and its the best tasting stuff...! good luck and make sure you get the EZ-Squeeze jello shot cups! they work the best...!

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    Vodka or Rum. Do half and half. Half water and half alcohol

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    Vodka for sure!

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