do i have a virus? if so how do i get rid of it

ok so i was just using my computer, than a pop up came up , something about a file downloaded, than 10 seconds later , my screen turned blue and it said something about scanning my computer for viruses

i had to manually shut down my computer, holding the button,

than when i tried to turn it back on , it kept on restarting

do i have a virus? if so tell me what to do

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    It seems to me that some1 that you know (mayb not directly) is playing with your computer...This is not called a virus perse but it can cause it though...what they are using is called a trojan...if you can your pc running again use every scanner you got back to back to see if you can trace something,if you can delete and if u have avg set a block on so it come back in...if you cant start ur pc again..will have to get a tech help to safe-mode open ur pc.

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    you may do

    start computer press and hold F8 at the very beginning this will bring up a menu so that you can choose a safe mode start up

    choose safe mode with networking/IP access this will give you the internet whilst in safe mode, safe mode only loads ESSENTIAL files and drivers and so shouldn't bring with it this virus you have

    safe mode should boot into windows and say it has done so, go to internet and download these two programs

    let them both install, update and scan the computer FULLY it will take about 30 mins for the scans to complete fully

    anything the programs find that is not something you know is safe ask them to delete it

    reboot normally

    if problem still exists then it could be a registry problem

    start in safe mode again with networking

    download these programs they will thoroughly scour the registry and quite quickly too and get rid of any invalid or corrupted registry keys or entries and should fix this problem

    also try this program it will monitor start up programs and remove unwanted or dangerous programs that start up and you are not aware of

    also this program will do this and is more automated aswell and very effective

    all these programs work with windows vista because i use them all and have no issues with them, they are freeware so have been produced or released to the public domain for free use

    if after you try all the advice i have given and the programs the only option is to reload the computer using the reload CD provided or the partition email me for further advice if needed

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    Try going into Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key at startup. Select either Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking Support and see if you can get back into Windows. If you can, run a virus and a spyware clean before starting back up normally. Also delete your temp files and temorary internet files.

    If you cannot get in with Safe Mode there is a possibility that powering down your system did damage to the files windows needs to start up. In that case press F8 and select Disable automatic restart on error and write down the information that comes up on the blue screen....even the numbers. Do a google search to pinpoint what file is missing and how to repair.replace it.

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    Could be a problem with device drivers, hardware or software. This problem can be solved by uninstalling new softwares, updating device drivers and making minor configuration changes . From . You can also run a free registry scan using utilities from

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    Well what I can do if go into computer Via the internet and go through files that are vulnerable to viruses. Email back if you want to do this.

    Email me at

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