mercedes sl55 amg vs sl65 amg

is a pre-owned sl65 worth spending almost double the money compared to a similar sl55? I've driven sl55s and the performance is awesome enough for road use. but the sl65 carries more exclusivity based on the fact that it is the very top of the range and priced like a supercar ($190k new). i do work in a very image conscious industry in a very image conscious town, where everyone drives fast luxury cars. but will anyone even know the difference when u roll up in the sl65? or will they just look exactly the same to an untrained eye?

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    well, dude, to an untrained eye, all mercedes just look the same... they wont even notice the difference between a S600 and a CL600... well, the MAIN difference, is that an SL55 is run on a V-8, however the SL65 is run on a, sweet, V12... judging by the descriptions of the ppl where you live, they will most definitely notice the difference between the two... such as: model name (SL55/ SL65), sound, performance, the the little badge on the side of the car that tells whether the car has a V8 or a V12...

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    You're right about the SL55, it has the supercharged V8 and is plenty fast! The SL65 is an exclusive vehicle, and very few are produced. In an image-conscious industry it will put you a cut above almost everybody. It has more power and better performance numbers than most "super-cars." The twin-turbo V12 puts out 604 hp at 4,500 rpm, and 738 ft/lbs of torque from 1,200 to 4,000 rpm, truly awesome! More wheel-turning power than an SLR McLaren. And the badge on the front fender (V12 BiTurbo) will grab their attention

    The dealer I work for sold a new SL65 to a construction contractor on a Saturday, and the following Monday he came back and bought an SL550 for his wife. Less than a year later he brought the SL65 back with 3,000 miles on the clock, and traded it in for another SL550,,,,,,the SL65 was so fast it scared him!

    I would advise against the Black Edition,,,,,,it will cost an extra $50,000 without any additional performance, and it will tell people that you are a bit reckless with your resources. Buying a low-mileage SL65 says that you can deliver maximum value for the price, always a good message to project to clients!

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    to someone who doesnt know any better, they are both going to look the exact same.

    even with that though, unless you are really good, you would have to see the 65 or the Bi-Turbo V12 badge in order to identify it for what it really is.

    but as far as the car, the 65 is much faster and has a V12 as opposed to the V8 in the 55. if all your going to be doing is around town driving, it would probably be better to get the 55. but if you really want to impress, i would have to say the SL65. or to go even further, i might recommend the new 2009 SL65 AMG Black Series. it would cost you a good bit more (expect about $250,000), but it is guaranteed to get you noticed, and , best of all, it will do 206mph.

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    the sl55 is better. the sl65 sounds like a truck it has a very old engine. the sl55 is for people who love cars the sl65 is for rich people that just want to prove they have money but don't know how stupid they are. the sl55 sounds like music to my ears and is the perfect car. hope that helps.

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    Why don't you do the noble thing and just get a normal car and show all those shallow people what is important in life.

    Only a total douchbag would think more of you if you had a SL65 rather than a SL55.

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    Pretty much everyone knows an SL. The thing is you will know and the odd enthusiast in the area will know. That's enough to whereas there is no need to brag. Most people see the car and say okay, either his company bought it for him as a lease or he can own it outright. if the 65(63, nowadays) is available to you, then by all means indulge. Trust me, AMG is so well known, people know it's the ultimate that's why there isn't much said about it. ENJOY!

    Oh, and by the way, Jeremy Clarkson of TOP GEAR owns one and he's very harsh on all cars. Stay up!

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    Sl55 Vs Sl65

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    To the untrained eye, yes, they will look exactly the same. The biggest difference is the badging on the trunk and the fenders.

    Both cars are very impressive though. Choose the one that best suits your desires and budget.

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    If image is everything, I would wait for the SL65 AMG Black Series that was just spied.

    Or the new SLC Gullwing that is set to come out.

    Now this car will score you some points.

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    If you're in a highly image conscious industry, it will show like a boil on your forehead. In industries where "image" counts there's no such thing as an untrained eye.

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