how to save money on diapers?

I have twins, so i got throu 8-10 diapers a day sometimes, when they have diarrhea. I use coupons, look for deals, but still its alot of money. What alternatived way i should use diapers, their 12-15 months old. I tried potty training them, but it was impossible their too young. What should i do, if so should i potty train them?? I dont know. I would love to save extra money on diapers. thank you

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    OK, So I am not a baby expert, but I am learning how to save on everything. So from what I have learned so far I will pass on to you, and everyone else reading.

    1. Diapers.Com

    -Diapers.Com can be used to save a numerous amount of money however it has only shown to work agenced others when your first order or promotions are being taken place. Here is a REF Code you can use for your first order that has shown to work for me once or twice. BUSYBEE429


    -Two things. Check the website everyday for their only coupon they post once a month a $5 dollar coupon off anything after $20 bucks. Ok so you may think this is nothing but come on now 2 pks. of diapers makes $20 bucks so that goes to show you that this coupon is anything but ordinary. Also, check the weekly Walgreens paper. Walgreens has an awesome sale once or twice every some odd months were Comfort Stretch Diapers are $5!! Wait that is not all. After 3 pks. you get $5 back. Awesome huh.

    3. CVS

    -I don't know how many times they do this but I know it is going on now. Pampers go for $8. Use the coupons CVS gives when buying pampers and you get another 1 dollar off. OR, Use the $2 off coupon from pampers and you get a pack for $6. What a deal huh.

    4. P & G

    -Pampers comes from a company called P&G. P&G take full responsibility when their pampers have not helped before. For instance. Just a month or so ago I was using the swaddlers for Baby Audrey. Unfortunantly her poop kept coming out the sides. I called and told them I was unhappy and I wanted to try another one of their diapers. They sent me AESOME free and $10 off coupons since.

    5. Pampers, Huggies and LUVS.

    -Sign up for all three of these brand on there websites to recieve free coupons monthly. LUVS has a great deal to where you sign up and get a $5 dollars off.

    6. eBay

    -People are constantly selling coupons for diapers for cheap. Just two weeks ago I purchased (4) $4.00 off any pack of pampers for only 3 bucks. So for the $3 I spent I got $13 of savings.

    7. Freecycle

    -I havn't heard of any city in the US not* having a freecycle group. Go onto and type in your city. Join your local freecycle group and post a wanted Ad for diapers. I can say I have gotten most of Baby Audreys clothes through freecycle.


    -Wow best place for coupons and freebies. Join and you wont regret. They will show you the newest freebies, the best sellers, places to redeem and print coupons and ofcourse trade.

    Soooo I hope this has been good for you so far if I knew anymore secrets I'd def let you know. Good luck.

    God Bless.

    The Mendoza'z

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    My sister bought me a year supply of diapers from and it was GREAT at the time, but quite honestly, they’re not saving you all that much money in MY opinion.

    I have tried buying the store brand instead of name brands….don’t do it. Unless you want extra leaks and extra laundry. So I’ve stuck with my Pampers and I just look for coupons all the time. I have a few but they’re only $1 here and there.

    However, I DO shop at Sam’s Club and I find that’s where I get the best deal. I buy all diapers and wipes over there. The initial membership fee, honestly I can’t remember what it is. But the renewal fees are only $35 for the year. And if your Sam’s has gas you’ll also save money with purchasing it there too. Regular gas in our area is $3.81 and I bought gas at Sam’s for $3.73. Pretty big savings if you ask me….

    As for diapers, I buy the Pampers pack, I think it’s a case of 120 diapers and we pay about $32? That’s a guess. With we were paying about $42 total with the slight increase in price plus shipping.

    As for potty training, we tried and I swear, the more you want it to happen the more likely it WILL NOT. Maybe it’s my luck but that’s how we felt about it. And now we have the potty out and my son sits on it and he’s testing it out. So, baby steps….

    BEST of luck! And BLESS you for having twins! :)

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    Sam's Club. I will tell you it has saved me loaded of money. We go through 1 1/2 box of pampers($35) with my twins. The box holds 160 diapers at size 3. Sam's Club will also save you on food, paper, and batteries. I spend about 200-400 every month and I get everything. We even save on gas this morning it was 3.59 with membership. Plus you can pre-order everything online or over the phone so you can save time and sanity. I have 19 month old twins and a 3 yr old and am a stay at home mom so saving money is a big thing for us. We pay because my husband has a small side business $35 a year yea a year it is about $40 without a business. So I would go and get a basic membership and start saving money on diapers, wipes, practicality everything. Hope this helps.

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    cloth diapers are washable/reuseable

    just take them off then if there is poop, dump that in the toilet and flush it, the pee and poop stains will both wash out...

    use this at home only because if you can't get them into a bucket of dirty clothes they will really stand out....

    if they are boys have then watch dad when he uses the bathroom...

    if they are girls have then watch mom when she uses the bathroom...

    that way u teach them the correct techniques by the watch 'n learn instead of using a try and try again which could result in many messes... make sure you have separate training potties because they will want to be together but separate them after a month so it doesn't become a "the only use the potty if they are with each other" situation...

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    We only spend about $200 a year for the Huggies Supremes. Because we get free diapers thru You get $1 for everytime someone you refer places an order. So refer everyone you know that is pregnant or already has kids and in no time you are getting $50-$100 a month in free credits. Use Promo Code FREEFIVE during checkout and you get $10 off your first order now. Plus it is free shipping and you don't pay taxes.

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    try to put diapers only at night. with this you can save money and save them from having a diaper rash. You can also monitor their pooh time and put diapers during those times instead of putting diapers every now and then. But if they have diarrhea use the unbranded diaper.

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    You could use generic diapers or cloth diapers especially while you are at home.

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    cloth diapers and rubber pants.

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    Give them a try! I have got some GREAT deals.

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