To Shy To Sing in Front of Anyone

I like to sing but I just am too shy to sing in front of anyone. I think I have a kinda good voice, but I need other people's opinions, but I'm afraid they'll make fun of me or something. What should I do?

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    Same as me. I am not sure if I am really 'shy' but I can't sing, not even to myself. But I love music. And I hear a lot: mp3, radios, my favourite artists and bands, I just love them.

    What Should you do: find a place where you can be absolutely alone, where there is no one, not an animal. Now, Sing for YOURSELF. You need not a listener immediately. Try recording your songs in a recorder. Re-listen them.

    And of course, sing in front of your friends. Perhaps, you will of course find someone who will at least listen to your songs, although he may not like it. I believe you have the confidence and really the voice.

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    I have met alot of ppl who are shy. What you have to do is go to a karaoke place and ask someone to sing with you. Once you get used to being in front of people, try it on your own. I am a karaoke host and when ppl are too shy to sing by themselves, I sing with them but I turn my mic off and the only person who can here me is the person who is too shy to sing by themselves. At the end of the song, I tell them that my mic was off all the time and that the only person the ppl listening heard was them. That usually gets them over the shyness.

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    ok i know exactly what your talking about because i myself love singing and always dreamed of doing something with it but absolutely freeze and end up dying of embarassment trying to sing infront of anyone so im with you there.

    ive been told i have a a really good voice but i just dont have the confidence to sing infront of anyone for more than a few seconds and i hate it cos i love singing and would love to keep doing it maybe see what options there are to do it professionally(in the background!!).

    my idea to get an idea on what people really think was to record myself and put myself on like youtube or even this but without my face so that i could just sing and feel comfortable that no one could see me or look at me till im more confident.hopefully id get honest opinions and go from there but if you can record yourself with your face showing then go for it and get honest answers from people who dont know you.

    sorry i cant think of anything else but telling you to go sing in the street or in front of a group is easir said than done especially when your shy or lack confidence so do it your way and see what happens.

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    trust me go for it cause if your real friends will be totally supportive and I even had to sing in front of my entire class and now I sang in 2 talent shows and 3 musicals

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  • 1 decade ago

    watch "coyote ugly" -the movie ;)

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