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Is this a good packing list

I'm 16 and I'm going away to camp for about 5 weeks soon, and I need to begin packing. I am going to take my clothes in this (I'm only taking one drawer though). the first drawer is going to have bras, underware, socks, and swimwear. The 2nd drawer is going to have tops for day and pajama shirts, and hoodies. The last drawer is going to have sweatpants, shorts, skirts, and pajama shorts.

I am going to carry my beauty stuff in this

The amount of stuff I plan to pack is


pajama sets-15



flip flops-3

bahting suits-5



sheets-3 sets






I am also bringing my ipod/cell phone for texting. stationary, and food for my cabin.


and I'm packing a blanket

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    What about personal stuff?

    Shampoo and conditioner

    Shower gels and loofah


    Toothpaste and a toothbrush




    Hair brush/comb

    things to put your hair up,

    First aid kit like the previous poster mentioned, or at least Neosporin and band-aids


    Aloe Vera if you get Sunburned


    STAMPS, those you're going to need to write home! Don't forget them!

    I would cut down the sneakers to 1 pair, I doubt you'll need 3. I would also only take 1 skirt. Are you going to be dressing up that much? I would also be careful with the iPod, you don't want it to get robbed. I would stick with books and magazines. I'm wondering if that drawer set is going to hold all that you're taking. The camp that my niece went to didn't allow those things, they were only allowed duffle bags or suitcases, NOT those drawers. If you're going to camp, make sure you're allowed to take something like that. I would also check what they allow. They usually tell you how much of each to take. They sent her a Master List of each thing and what to take and how much of it. They also weren't allowed food.

    I just don't want to see you get there and they take half of what you brought away, and the food too. My niece's counselors not only took the food we brought her on Family Day, they ATE it themselves! I was SO mad! You have to hide it well!! They also didn't allow cellphones, but one girl snuck her's in so she was able to sneak calling home which we were grateful for.

    If this is a family trip, you have nothing to worry about though, and can do what you want, just make sure that chest of drawers holds everything, it looks like it may not.

    I hope you have a GREAT time camping!!

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    IMO, that's a ridiculous amount of stuff. 15 shirts? 15 pairs of shorts? 5 bathing suits? Cut that at least in half, or maybe by two-thirds. Camp isn't a fashion show.

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    wow ... that's a lot you're packing ... wonder how many days will be your camping ...

    anyway, you are very meticulous and have thought of almost everything you will need personally ....

    suggest you also bring some first aid kit ... and also some lotion for mosquito and insect bites ... just in case ...

    and don't forget to bring some matches and a flashlight too ...

    enjoy !!!

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