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how to feed peas to my goldfish?

I have three goldfish that I believe are Oranda. One of them has a bladder problem so I went to my local grocery store and bought some frozen green peas. I boiled then but then what do I do afterward? Do I tare the shell out or do I smash the green peas?

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    Actually you didn't have to boil them and you don't need to remove the outer casing. If your goldies are large enough to fit the whole pea in its mouth just toss them in the tank (frozen as well).

    If they are smaller you can cut them in half or slightly squish them. By mashing them too far, most of the veggie will dispurse in the tank and won't be eaten.

    Any green veggie (and raw is best) is good for your fish. Lettuce on a clip or spinach, zucchini cut into small pieces pumpkin squash are also great for your fish. No cooking needed.

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    Drop the peas into some cold water to cool them off or just let them cool. Then you just take the pea between your thumb and forefinger and squish it. It will pop out of it's shell/peel and go a little mushy at the same time. Keep a hold of the shell and drop the rest of the pea innard into the tank. The bit of pea will break up in the water and the fish will eat it. If you find that the peas stay in too large of pieces for your fish, squish the pea innards into a small bowl or plate instead of straight into the tank and mash them with the back of the spoon and then put them into the tank.

    Source(s): Long time fishkeeper & pro guppy breeder
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    HI Kira, what I do is take a boiled pea, allow it to cool, squeeze it out of it's shell & dice the innards of the pea with a sharp knife. The outer shell is indigestible for any fish under 6 inches in length. If you only have tiny fish then only feed a few pieces.

    Squishing the innards will only pollute your water, dicing the pea ensures it stays in one piece until the fish eats it.

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    I think if you feed your goldfish peas, then you can bye to your goldfish.

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    peal them and slice into small pieces

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    it depend if there big or not if there big enough just drop them in if small chop up in little pices and drop them in

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    i feel great about ur golfish


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