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Help with my Min Pin puppy

I saved a Min Pin I have been to the vet with her she is 8 weeks old and weighs 2.2 she is well in the morning she plays and runs walks goes outside etc...she eats well but around 3pm she gets sleppy and when we talk or walk or try to pet her she cries like we are going to kill her the vet told me she has never seen a puppy like this she told me to stop giving her purina puppy chow and give her science diet witch she started today but like i said she gets down sad depressed I have not had a problem with this vet she has been with my animals for 14 years do you think she was mistreted or has a problem with her stomach?

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    litter seperation anxiety. At this age it is not uncommon. It is not the food as much as once she has settled down for the day she misses the huddling when she has her afternoon nap. Simply put, the others are not there with mom to cuddle with. She will out grow this in time. For the time being give her a secure place surrounded by toys etc so she can bond with them.

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    I doubt there is something wrong with her stomach but I think you should just do what the vet said

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