What to do in Fort Myers Beach??

Two of my friends and are going to Ft. Myers Beach, Florida in a couple of days and I wanted to know if anyone knows about any cool places to go to, besides the beaches and Sanibel Island. Any cool night life places? Two of us are 20 yrs old and the other one is 21..What can we do??Any 18 clubs?

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    1 decade ago
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    there really isn't anything fun to do in fort myers except the beaches

    however, on the mainland, a cool place to go that's sort of like a club is blu sushi off mcgregor blvd.. it's very good and it's a part of the nightlife you don't have to be any age to get in. you also might want to check into what's going on in downtown fort myers. most of the nightlife happens on the beach (Fort Myers BEach) at night (sanibel is relatively dead at night); everyone just walks around and there's music and stuff and lots of restaurants on the beach.

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