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Baby spitting up a lot?

my baby is 4 weeks old and she spits up after almost every feeding. She is still only taking 2 ounces. sometimes 3 or even 1. she has even thrown up a few times, everything in her stomach. i do burp her frequently and keep her upright. she has choked on formula and spit up even and quit breathing and turned red. it was really scary. is any of this normal? what can i do?

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    My baby was (still is) a big spitter. I asked the pediatrician about it and he said that some babies are that way. Babies have a very immature digestive tract, including the "gateway" in and out of the stomach. The valve (or whatever it is) at the top of the stomach lets out the extra. At 4 weeks old, my daughter was taking 2-3 oz of milk every 2 1/2-3 hours. I questioned if she was getting too much (no) or too little (no, again). At 5 months, she is still a light eater and eats less than other babies her age. The most important thing is if she is gaining weight at the recommended rate. Some babies spit more than others. If she chokes again, you can still use the bulb syringe to suction and help clear some of it away. If you are really concerned and the baby isn't gaining weight, contact your doc. Good luck!

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    It is rather common that this happens. It's the baby's reflux it hasn't developed just yet. Most babies will grow out of this problem around 9 months. As long as she is still gaining weight your okay, if she starts loosing it then there is a cause for concern.

    Hope this helps.

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    you should see a doctor ..could be son is a spitter upper . sometimes they just spit up..if she is gain weight and not fussing when she spits up then they won't do any thing.

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