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When I submit an answer, I keep getting "Oops we are taking a breather". Why?

This is very aggravating. I go to the trouble of writing out a long answer and can't submit it. This has been happening a lot lately. What is the problem. I can answer other question ok, but if I answer that question again or try ans resubmit my answer, I still get Oops. What is the problem with yahoo answers?

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    ♦The Breathers are temporary arrangements made to SLOW down the traffic!! The Breathers may result due to reaching the daily Limits,

    Using certain synbols like percents,Special Alt charecters,Posting a LONG answer etc..

    ♦To fix that try to post a short answer,DO NOT use percent signs and ALT charecters like hearts,refresh your browser,clear out the caches,Click the BACK button and try again!!

    Best Wishes and Good Luck!! ♫♪

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