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I can't think of this one book's title or author. I know exactly what the cover looks like though...

It has a black cover...

and there's like a kid's dress on the front.

I think the story line is like a kid who has some disease and the parents are gonna get rid of it but then someone comes and takes the kid and runs away with it...something like that...


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    The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards

    That is basically the plot. A baby is born with Down Syndrome. The nurse rescues it and raises her on her own. Great book!

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    I agree it sounds like "the Memory Keepers Daughter" Really good book! The movie as okay, but the book was way better.

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    it could be "the memory keeper's daughter" by kim edwards. that is a black cover with a white baby dress.

    not sure of the plot...

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