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Why did the US Olympic Soccer teams jerseys not have the US Soccer patch on them?

I just watched the US - Japan game and saw that the US did not have their US Soccer patch on the jersey, yet Japan had ther flag on thier jersey. Any Idea why this is. It's the first time I can ever remember the US not having the patch on the shirt.

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    "The missing USA crest explained

    If you were watching the U.S. Olympic team play and felt like something was missing, it's because something was.

    The U.S. Soccer crest that is emblazoned on every U.S. national team uniform was not on the U.S. Olympic team jersey of the men's or the women's teams for their opening matches. The reason? According to a U.S. Soccer official, the International Olympic Committee does not allow national governing bodies to include their crests on their uniforms during the Olympics.

    If you have seen other teams with crests, such as the Brazilian national team, it is because the national federations for those countries have ignored the IOC mandate and are subject to fines by the IOC."

    This is according to espn soccernet.

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    I have the same question. I have no idea why that is. The women's team doesn't have the patch on their jerseys either.

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    because all international organizations are communists...

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