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Blue streaks dye? Help?

I'd like blue/teal-ish streaks in my hair like in this picture>>


I'm not sure what brand/specific color of dye to use, any ideas?



Oh and I don't really care about your opinions of it ;) unless they are positive!

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    Depending on how long you want them to last will decide your brand. Hot Topic has Color Fiend in Turq that last 5 to 10 washes.This is what I am currently using and it looks just like your picture but does fade quickly. Sally's Beauty Supply has a few brands, Manic Panic, Beyond the zone color jamz which last various amounts of weeks. If you look on Sally's website you can see your color options.

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    Unless your hair is blond, you'll need to bleach it 1st. Sally beauty has semi permanat hair dye in teal and they also have extensions.



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    no offense to your taste but trust me you dont want those.

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