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does old navy have clothes for 17 yrs. old girls

cause im looking for uniform, or a section for juniors.

thank you.


or any other store that has nice cheap uniforms.

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    well, Old Navy does have a uniform section for kids (up to sizes 14), but not for adults. Men will be able to find the usual khakis and polos that could be worn as a uniform, but for women, not so much. If you're wearing women's sizes (including juniors, b/c Old Navy's women's dept is sizes 0-20), then the selection is probably not what you'd consider uniform clothing. We have khakis and button downs, but probably not in the basic style you are looking for. Check to get an idea of what is available.

    Source(s): I work at O.N.
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    I'm an 18 year old girl and I shop there all time.

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    yes they do!and they have alot of good uniform choices!good luck

    Source(s): I work there =]
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