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I'm trying to lose weight. SOMEONE ANSWER MY QUESTION PLEASE!!!

And does anyone know those south beach diet chocolate pudding thingys? I know, I know...pudding?? on a diet? But it only has 60 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 12 grams of carbs And it's sugarfree. Tastes pretty good too. it's like my dessert for the day, it's really good. I was wondering, is it ok to eat that every day?

I ate 529.5 calories, probably a little over 11 grams of fat, and 78 grams of carbs SO FAR today. It's only 3:30pm. I've also realized that i've been eating a lot of carbs and very little fat. So i've been thinking, maybe I should eat some of those high-fat low carb atkins bars (not that i'll go on the atkins diet or anything) to replace some of the high carb foods i've been eating. maybe that'll even it out and help with weight loss? what do you guys think? please, that question is very important to me, someone please help me out, please!



Update 2:

OK i exercise for 2 hours every day. i am eating less. thats not my question though can someone please answer what i asked.

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    Diets don't work. Just as soon as you say "I am dieting" you will want to eat everything.

    Actually what you need to do is have a life change. Don't do a fad diet they don't work and as soon as you no longer "diet" you gain it back.

    Exercising for 2 hours a day sounds a little overboard actually, especially if you are not losing weight and counting your calories.

    Make sure you eat plenty of protein so you lose fat and not muscle.

    Lifestyle change, and be patient. You did not gain it all in one week, can not lose it all in one week. 539.5 calories by 3:30 is not bad. I don't know your height and weight, but do some research about lifestyle change, not fad diets. If you have too little calories a day, it can actually backfire. Your body thinks you are starving and starts storing all the calories for later.

    Yes you are looking at your weight wrong. I will say again -

    it is about Lifestyle change, obviously if what you are doing now is not working. Don't deny yourself, eat a little of good stuff, just don't overdo anything.

    By the way, the pudding sounds pretty good. Can't see why you could not eat that everyday.

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    Here are the pleasant methods to shed weight: Drink AT LEAST 8 glasses of water in step with day. No sodas. Try to simply drink water, however in the event you drink tea, most effective evenly sweetened. Diet sodas are k in the event you simply want whatever instead of water. Exercise within the morning. Combine gentle weight lifting with aerobics and aerobic. Just strolling could make a colossal change. Calcium dietary supplements could aid from what I've heard. Pack your nutrition with plenty of bulk. Fruits and greens are well when you consider that they make you fill complete you probably have eaten only a few energy. Bulk aid you shed weight b/c you fill complete with out additional energy. Stay clear of junkfood, crackers, bleached, delicate breads, sweet, and so on.

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    I know how you feel, atkins diet is a weird formula, and I have not really lost any weight but I gained muscle and it is strange how you want to see the scale lower but your body does what it wants... iam fourty and I guess mmy body is messed up one day at a time and love who you are from the inside out maybe it is a test I failed lol

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    You were made the way you are for a reason! D M had a good answer. stay away from pills and diet bars(their only taking your money ) have you seen a dr. what is your heighet and weight? is your family heavy? and this may help try the body type test. Good luck and calm down

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    stick to low gi foods

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    take a break from blue moon belgian white a 164 calorie treat and grab a miller genuine draft which is only 64 cals

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    Calm down a bit. You did not gain this weight in a day and you will not loose it in a day. "Myself" as the perfect answer. Follow it. Good luck you will succeed.

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    Green tea helps in burning more calories because it cantains bioactive substance

  • Kit
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    at the rate you are going you will be sure to not loose ANY weight!

    You are looking at this completely wrong!

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    Make sure your breakfast is a balanced one and includes at least eight grams of fiber

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