What do I do about a rude wedding film customer?

I have a wedding I shot a few months ago. When capturing, my still camera got bumped, and is staring at a a post. (http://www.codadesign.net/dick click on mistake)

Normally the editing would be short and sweet. But now I wasn't even sure how I was going to do it at all.After a few weeks of "OK, I'm gonna do this..." and then promptly getting frustrated when I sat down to edit- I finally decided to do the reception and rehearsal first. It's a real pain, since I shot as if I had a second camera. I started getting nasty emails from the groom, and I tried to explain why it was taking so long, but he started talking about excuses. In one email, mentioned that I didn't like being blamed for something that wasn't my fault, and here was his reply.

Subject WTF!?!

Yes, seriously.

Let me give you a lesson in the world of business, excuses do not make your

customer happy, nor do they give your business name ANY credibility. The

ONLY reason I brought up the fact that it is nobody's fault but your own is

because you have been using this as your excuse as to why the video is not

complete. Yes, I did watch the video, and if this "lady in the red dress"

did in fact move your camera, there is no way she would have known. You

think maybe you put it in the way? Do you think maybe you could have shown

up earlier to find a better place to put it? Do you think maybe if this

video camera was so important to your production as you make it seem you

might have come to check on it? All these are things that a "professional"

like yourself should keep into consideration when taking on a job like

this. How much extra time you put into this is irrelevant to the cost of

the video, so I don't want to hear on what a big favor you are doing us by

not charging us any more. .Yeah...you TOLD me you were working on our

video, but lets get one thing straight, you have TOLD us that you have been

working on this for over three months. Now, let me TELL you something,

finish the video and give me the date you will have it done!

The only response I expected out of you would have gone something like

this: Yes Paul, you are right, I should have showed up earlier to set up

the camera better, and maybe checked on it a few times to make sure it was

okay. Sorry this has taken so long, but I'll have your video to you ASAP.

If you would have said this to me, I would have been happy. The sad thing

is, I am not happy. Ignorant responses back to your customer l only

discredit your business. The only reason I have gotten involved is because

my Mom is upset over the whole process and doesn't know what to do. This

is where I come in. I solve problems. I will solve this problem and will

be in contact with you.


I had made the choice of where to put the camera at the rehearsal. I gave him a discount. He's rude. I don't need this.

what do I do?


I'm not procrastinating. I'm working on it. It's like being told to make a car without a carburetor. I told them it would take longer. I got there in plenty of time and chose the camera spot the night before. If you see a camera and you BUMP it, don't you think that you should tell someone?

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    Okay, what's done is done.

    In the future hire an assistant to stand there and "protect" your camera. You don't need a trained photographer, just a student who is looking to pick up $50.00 for an afternoons work will do quite well.

    You made a dangerous assumption. Namely that your video camera wouldn't be bumped into and that if it was whoever did it would either carefully realign it or would let you know. Human nature being what it is that didn't happen.

    I have to side with your customer. From his perspective you were more than rude. So, he was upset when he wrote you. Put yourself in his shoes. If it happened to you wouldn't you be upset? The video of one of the most important moments of your life turns out to be xx minutes of staring at a support post holding up the ceiling of the hall. You are lucky the bride didn't come after you with a shotgun.

    You didn't handle things properly. As soon as you discovered the problem you should have let the customer know. You should have delivered what you had at no charge, offered your apologies, chalked it off to experience and focused on getting the next job.

    Better luck next time out


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    Kind of sounds like you did mess up. And according to his response and your comments, you aren't really admitting that you did. At this point the best thing for you to do is just finish the video the best that you can and get it to him ASAP. You should also include an apology. Whether you think he is being rude or not doesn't matter. He is your customer, he paid you for a service, and you are not holding up to your end of the bargain. Yes 3 months is a very long time to wait for a video. I understand his frustration. He doesn't really come across rude but just frustrated. So do your best to finish this job and move on. Quit procrastinating and just get it done.

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    Whether or now not it's impolite is anything up for interpretation. I had a no-youngsters marriage ceremony, so I'm with you there. I, in my opinion, do not consider it is impolite. I occur to believe you - there may be an excessive amount of consuming and different stuff happening at a marriage ceremony. It's simply now not a location for youngsters. In truth, the daddy of my flower lady stated he used to be having a babysitter select up his daughter after dinner on the grounds that he did not wish her uncovered to all that. (Wise guy) Despite your movements, your GUESTS are the impolite ones for inviting individuals themselves. I've by no means understood this... You must name each and every man or woman who answered with greater than the allocated quantity. Either you, your husband, or your moms (relying at the part) could make the decision. But do it quickly: "Hi, Mrs Smith. This is Mary (Bob's fiance). Thank you for RSVPing to our marriage ceremony. I consider there used to be a few confusion once we despatched the invites out. We can handiest accomodate you and Mr Smith, but the RSVP stated 4 individuals. Will you and Mr Smith be attending on my own? Thank you such a lot" Yes, it is them being daft, however do not blame them. Confusion in your finish is much less "threatening." There's no must supply a purpose for why others don't seem to be invited. It's no one's industry however your possess. If you suppose like explaining anything, plead "venue constraints." This is extensive and would imply some thing. Saying "funds explanations" might make many uncomfortable AND would depart you in a problem of, "Oh, we will pay for (the uninvited)."

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    nobody needs to talked to or treated that wat the old saying "the customer is always right" is a load of crap people make mastakes it happens to all of us and the only way to make things right is todo the best you can now granted some situation there is no fix here we have a video of a wedding can you redo the wedding of course not sometimes we have to take our loses and walk away theres no shame in that this is not fixable but is it life threatning no i would simply tell "mr i fix problems" excatly what you plan on doing to fix this tell him when your gonna have it ready (dont be afarid to tell him its going to be awhile) give him a realistic date one your good with not his time frame and if this is not good for him tell him he can come and pick up what you have done and he can get it finished elsewhere just make sure if he picks the later have him sign a release of liabilty stateing the situation so he cant come after you later because somebody charged him more to finish the work and now they want you to pay the difference good luck to you and dont beat yourself up over it

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    You're right, you don't need that. Let him be unhappy, and let him take his unhappy self to someone else next time.

    That said, these are wedding photos, and you need to do everything you can to provide the bridal couple with their stills as soon as possible. Stop putting it off, because it's only adding stress to their life and to yours. Just get it done, and get these unpleasant customers out of your hair.


    It doesn't really matter who's right and who's wrong. The issue is to get them what they need, so that all of you can move on.

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