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how to solve the yahoo messenger stop working?

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    You need to uninstall it completely so you can get a clean install.

    Now when you uninstall not all of the yahoo messenger files are deleted from your Program Files, so if the problem you are having is caused by a corrupted file then the problem will still be there when you install it again.

    So what you need to do is uninstall messenger then go to your Program files and delete the yahoo folder.

    To uninstall you need to click on the Start button(the one on your task bar) then go to Control Panel then to Add/Remove Programs, find yahoo in the list and click on it then on uninstall.<< this is for XP

    To uninstall in Vista click on start then Control Panel then on Uninstall a Program in the new window find yahoo click it to uninstall it.

    To find and delete the Yahoo folder click on the start button in your task bar then on My Computer then C: drive then Program Files then right click on the Yahoo folder and Delete it. It's a good idea to reboot your PC now to make sure it's all gone out of your system.

    Now you can go here > and get the 8.1 yahoo messenger.

    I suggest staying away from the 9.0 beta as the 8.1 version is more stable and does not have the bugs the beta version has!!!

    Hope this helps

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    it may not be a situation with your yahoo software or your computer, it may nicely be yahoo messenger itself not functioning on the community. It occassionally crashes and may purely be a count number of waiting until eventually yahoo type it out.

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