ummm ok well i had this REALLY weird dream...

ok well last night i had a dream that i was givin birth 2 a child... its weird because im 15 and ive never wanted kids... dose this mean somethin that im just not gettin or is it just a random dream that i dont need too worry about? if it dose mean sum thing id like too know what... thanks for your help. if you need any more info just ask and ill give it too you.

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    we'd need more information about your life in order to tell....but if you recently watched something or did anything that was related to child birth, it was just a random dream. it could also be your hormones've heard of wet dreams (guys hormones are telling them that they want to have sex), well your baby dream could be your body telling you that you want to go through labor. ouch. i'd wait a while and definetly not go knock yourself up right now....15 is way too early!!!!

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    giving birth is a sign of good news soon dreams are usually have a meaning and not if it was a story or a real incident

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    1 decade ago

    That just usually means somethings goods about to happen=). Or you saw something in a movie or someone talking about someone giving birth.

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    you do not unavoidably would desire to love a element to dream approximately it. Human targets are regularly with reference to the failings that run interior the history of their minds, no count number if it particularly is a few thing that bothers them or some thing they crave for. So perhaps the main suitable question could be what pushed Zekrom interior the returned of your ideas. My own suggestion nevertheless could be to not pay too lots interest or supply too lots magnitude to the targets.

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    1 decade ago

    I Dont Know

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