I've had pain for almost two months, and I'm worried. Any help appreciated!

Ok, here's how it goes. About a month and a half ago, I went to the doctor for back and stomach pain. He pressed on my stomach, took a urine sample, asked me a lot of questions, and determined that my pain was just a pulled muscle in my back. The pain was (and still is) along the center of my stomach (around my belly button), right next to my right hip bone, in my lower right back and right side, and generally in my right abdomen (however the pain is not stabbing, it is just annoying, and it comes and goes). The doctor sent me home and told me to take Advil, which I did, and for a while it worked. Usually I only have to take one, so when two didn't work for me, I went back (about a month after the first appt). He scheduled a full abdominal and pelvic sonogram, and the results were all fine. He sent me home again. Now, the pain is still there, but it is mostly around my belly button and next to my right hip, as well as my right lower back and side. I don't think it's my appendix, because I can press anywhere in my abdomen and it's not tender, and from what I understand there would be 'bad' pain if your appendix is inflamed and you touch it. Another strange thing I've noticed is that since about the beginning of this year, if I lay on my back, my heart beats so strongly under my belly button that anything that I lay on my stomach will be bumped off by my heartbeat. I don't think that's normal, and it might have something to do with what's wrong. So is this a pulled muscle in my back that's causing all this pain, or could it maybe be an inflamed ovary? Sometimes it hurts if I press near my right ovary, but not so much I want to double over in pain. But if it was an inflamed ovary or cyst, wouldn't it have shown up on the sonogram? Also, I've had bouts of nausea, but they are not often and I think those are because the pain worries me so I make myself feel sick with worry. One more thing. If I press in my right abdomen, if it hurts it doesn't hurt under where I'm pressing, it seems like the pain is right in my back even though I'm pressing in my abdomen. Could it also maybe be some sort of parasite? Diverticulitis? My bowel habits are normal. Peptic ulcer? Sorry for the length of that, but I wanted to give all the detail I could think of! Any feedback greatly appreciated! Oh, another note, it's almost time for my period, and it seems to get slightly worse as I get closer to my periods. I'm also 15 years old, if that helps.

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    it can be one of the many conditions and require evaluation ,

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    have you every been checked for kidney stones? they can cause flank pain and also pain in your back.They also cause nausea if they are obstructing your uriters. Did the doctor check for any blood when he did your urine test? until you find out whats the matter try to apply a warm heat pack to the area in pain. somtimes that helps reduce the amount of pain.

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