Killing off a character in a story...

How should I do it? I know a lot of you will say you need info about the story to give me a good answer, but I don't want to tell it because I'm paranoid. I'll just say this: I want it to be almost poetic, something that I can describe what it feels like or what the character's thinking when it happens, so it couldn't be TOO instantaneous, and it can't be like carbon monoxide or something because they wouldn't feel it. I'm just having a hard time coming up with a way for this guy to die.

Some background info on the character:

He's in his twenties and suffered a recent OD (had stomach pumped) and head injury (fell and hit his head, passed out for a while) but other than that he's healthy and too young for something like a heart attack. It has to be accidental, no murder or suicide.



Just so everyone knows, the character is dying, but not leaving the story, he's the main character and pretty much the only character, the whole book revolves sort of around after life and the like, so he's dying but the story continues with him in it. I feel like car accident is too... common I guess. I had thought about electrocuting him but i wasn't sure if that would work out.

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    Oh, I hate killing people! But I'll take a whack at it. Is this in first-person? Perhaps...

    He is driving and distracted by something (his problems, if it's action-packed, or his love, if it's a romance or something else, whatever, makes a nice last stand kind of scene) and he doesn't realize that he's off the road until he's really close to the tree. Then everything can feel like slow-mo. He slams into the big tree, and it doesn't kill him instantly, and he has last thoughts (about whatever is important to him.) Then as everything goes black and the pain leaves, he can whisper some important words on his dying lips.

    I'm feeling all morbid now, so I really hope I helped. Ugh.

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    How about getting hit by a vehicle? Tell us his thoughts while he's racing through the air, over the car, toward the ground. There are many ways to describe this kind of death that could be considered poetic.

    Hope I helped!


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    Foreshadow their demise. Drop subtle hints in the events leading up to it. That way some of your smarter readers will (maybe) have seen it coming and for the others it will seem like a complete surprise.

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    No one is ever too young for cancer! Or a stroke, esp if he's od'd. Mercury poisining? Blunt trauma to the head that caused a blood clot in his brain???

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    horrific car accident would seem plausible after his other near death experiences. it would be accidental and believable. any help?

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    Maybe your charactert is killed by contaminated heroin.

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