what gundam show is this

i do not rember much of it but this piolit gets set to earth to pertect this girl. she had blue/ teal hair and she was very sassy with a bad attiude. i rember the guy being someone that had no fun and took everything in life very serious. a if i am rembering corectly his suit was red or blue and white


no its not the chick had stright hair to the bottom of her back

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, almost all heroic Gundams are red/white/blue and piloted by very serious guys. But you might be thinking of Char's Counterattack, where Amuro Rey (the original Gundam pilot, and the main protagonist of Char's Counterattack) saves teal-haired Quess Paraya's shuttle early on. Quess later becomes an enemy pilot.

    Go to Wikipedia and search on "Quess" and you should be able to see if she's the one you remember.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Can't you remember anything else coz you've just described the stereotype gundam pilot and gundam coloring.

    I'll look this up just in case and get back to you.

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