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Attitude or behavior

is cheating in school considered an attitude or a behavior? and pls explain why. thnx

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    It's a behavior. An attitude is a thought whereas a behavior is generally an action.

    Like your attitude may influence your behavior. If you have an apathetic attitude towards studying, then you may be prone to cheat on an exam. Just like if your attitude regarding the exam is one of fear or uncertainty, you may be more prone to cheat.

    Cheating refers to plaigarism, bringing cheat notes, looking over your shoulder, failing to properly reference thoughts that aren't your own, using group thoughts and pretending they are your own or pretty much anything that makes use of thoughts or knowledge that aren't your own but you act as though they are your own.

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    first what type of cheating are we talking about?

    But regardless it is all the same answer...

    Cheating is a behavior, not an attitude.

    Cheating is an action.

    Attitude is a state of mind.

    The attitude of not thinking they will be able to pass on their own mind, this results in the behavior of cheating.

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