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Is this rude, or is it just me?

Okay, the county fair is in town and my family and i go every night. So, my cousin was talking to me online, and like out of the blue she goes can you bring Curtis to the fair? Curtis is this boy she likes and i dont even know him!!!! Her family doesnt really have any morals. THey ask for things and it's like all about htem, and they dont even think about anyone else. So, i told her that i thought it was rude to even consider asking someone to drive you and your "friend" out when they dont even know each other. Then she told me it wasnt rude. I NEVER get mad/even remotely upset. It takes a lot to get me to a point where I'm steaming, but she just kept talking. I'm really reserved and just think that you should never ever do that! Was I in the wrong? Gosh, i just cant get over that. I feel bad about it, but i just dont think thats right. What do you think?


No. I'm def. not jealous. And no I'm not the driver, and she WASN'T already going with us. I just wasn't brought up to ask people for anything or ask favors for people I don't even know.

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    It's EXTREMELY rude!!! Especially if she wasn't already going with you. But not only is it weird for you, think about what the poor boy would be doing. Awkward!

    Don't feel bad about it though. She was wrong, and you did the right thing.

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    I don't think it was rude of her to ask for a ride, or to ask if a friend can ride along if she's already going with you. You always have the option of saying no.

    Are you the driver? Are you sure you just aren't mad that she wants to bring a guy with her and make you feel left out?

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    I kind of get your point. I suspect that there have been many other 'favors' asked by the entire family as you stated.

    I'm assuming that everyone meets at your place and you or your parents drive to the fair?

    But, let me get to my point -- she should take the responsibility of bringing her friend and not ask you. By asking you, she is bypassing asking her parents for permission to hang out with this guy. And, by doing so, could cause a riff between each sides parents.

    But, you were too smart for that trick and I applaud you for standing up for yourself.

    Keep it up and don't let her or anyone else take advantage of you.

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    Whenever you feel someone is out of line and asking something you feel is unfair, all you have to do is say no. You do not need to explain your answer, and you can say it in a polite, calm voice but be firm and that's it. You do not need to critique her request either, just say no and let that be the end and keep your temper out of it otherwise it makes you look bad.

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    You are right -- your cousin was very rude.

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