What is the name of the great Italian restaurant in Old Town Pasadena, CA I am trying to remember?

It was a classic-looking place, off the beaten path (i.e. not on Colorado), maybe just off the 110?

I am thinking maybe it was Carmine's on Fair Oaks but want to be sure that sounds right to a lcoal before committing.


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    These restaurants are pretty close to each other:

    Villa Sorriso http://www.sorrisopasadena.com/ On Colorado, but on the west near where the 134 crosses the 210, with the 110 to the southeast.

    Il Fornaio is on Union, http://www.ilfornaio.com/

    Buca di Beppo, on Green http://www.bucadibeppo.com/


    Carmine's is in So Pas, at the very north edge of a backward L shaped strip mall, around the corner in the mall is an OSH. Carmine's is a local favorite. It's right across from the 2nd entrance of the 110 S.

    You might try googling an address on maps, put it on Street View, and see if you can spot the restaurant.

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    Well, Carmine's Italian Restaurant is located off the 110, but it's so far south that it's nowhere near Old Town. It's actually in South Pasadena.

    Check out their menu in the link below and if it looks familiar, it's probably the place you're thinking of.

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    Are you thinking of Celestino on Lake?

    It's a classic Italian place with a nice outdoor seating


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