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Since crunches & sit-ups are bad, how do I get good abs?

Studies now show that both crunches and sit-ups are bad for your back and can cause herniated discs when you get older.

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    get one of those rolly chairs like the ones a teacker might have at their school desk.....face one direction while you are half way rotating yourself (from waist down) in the chair from left to right/right to left in the same spot. do that instead of sitting still when your are in the chair.

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    until eventually your injury demands rehabilitation with the aid of workout, ie physiotherapy for a broken limb etc... then workout whilst injured will basically lengthen the healing technique. take some day without work until eventually your soreness has stopped. it is going to do you greater reliable to quit and do no workout than to attempt and workout and in keeping with hazard injure your self extra.

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    I have never had any trouble with my back, but if you could please link me the study that showed this, I would be eternally grateful, becuase my coach loves these. For good abs, we do leg lifts, russian twists, tabletops/bridges/planks, and pushups.

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