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16th Birthday Party Ideas around Denton or Dallas Texas

My 16th birthday is coming up and I really want to do something fun with a few of my friends. I want to go out to eat at a really fun or nice restaurant around the denton or dallas area. any ideas please??

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    The Magic Time Machine in Addison is an awesome, fun place to celebrate your birthday.

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    The Cheesecake Factory in The Frisco Mall is great. There is also a Dave and Busters there that is fun. Also look into Speed Zone in Dallas it is fun as is the Main Event in Plano.

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    Denton eh? I just went to TX for the first time and stayed near Denton for a week.. Sorry I didn't discover any restaurants in the 6 days that I was there but I did see a Hooters somewhere between Gainesville and Dallas...I just looked up my all-time favourite restaurant which is Fudruckers... There is one somewhere in Dallas.. I love that place! There is a nice size menu for all tastes but it is great for their cheeseburger.. you dress it yourself!! You and your friends may enjoy that.

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    Kona Grill at Northpark is great then you can hang out in the mall and take in a movie. Or Studio Movie Diner

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    Dave and Buster's would be fun.

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