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How to gain magical powers?

How to gain magical powers? Like fire, earth, water and other things....

What do I have to do to get them, and I am not the only one asking and no I am not crazy. Lol.

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    Learn science. Seriously. Even if you are of the opinion that you need to learn magic to perform these acts, bear in mind that all of the classically trained mages of the past, from Dee to Crowley, were at least partially trained in the contemporary sciences of the day.

    Right now, you don't even know the right questions to ask.

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    What exactly do you mean by magical powers? I am a witch (wiccan priestess) and I will tell you that many people mistake powers for being active powers... things you would see on that show Charmed. In reality, the powers of earth, water... all the elements are powers to call upon and build within yourself to strengthen parts of your will. Mediation helps with this the most, as does using certain stones and herbs associated with the elements to draw on their power. You must understand though, this power is celestial, not physical (to the human eye).

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    You don't.

    Everyone is equally "magical" simply because magic doesn't belong to anyone. If you want to work with the elements, look into elemental witchcraft and elemental magic. However, you will never "gain" the powers. Everyone can work with magic, but you have to choose to do so for it to work.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Eclectic Wiccan
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    Waht kind of magical powers can you gain?

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    Get some books on Chemistry,Physics and Psycology...Buy a robe and get a used cat or evile looking dog from a local shelter.

    Study the books 'till your eyeballs fall out. Name the animal somthing vaguely celtic and tell people you practice 'The Craft'

    Then go around making fireballs shoot out of your hands and send things flying around using your 'special powers' I promise do that for just one christian and you'll attain the status of 'witch for life' in your home town.

    Source(s): When I can break a coffee cup with sound waves from an instrument that dosen't really exisit how can I say where the line between magic and science is?
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    It takes some time. Studying and meditation are some things you need to take time with. Also if you truely truely believe in magic, that too can speed up the process. Good luck.

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    Magic is tricks, illusions and slight of hand.

    Magick is developing your mind to master the profound reality that is weaved together by physical universal laws, some can be bent, others can be broken.

    You wish to become a neophyte!

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    You can't. Things don't work that way. You can't have power of elements like you see on tv. You can't violate physics.

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    You have to practice spiritual alchemy that means you have to work your mind to a higher consciouness. It is really a spiritual evolution.

    Source(s): The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Keys of Enoch The Book of Hermes

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