I have two pregnacy related questions

Ist- I'm 11 weeks pregnant and their is already an obvious bump! How far along was you when you saw your bump? Is this too early?

2nd- I asked my fiance to go to the doctor with me and he keeps making an excuse that he have to work. Now he is a supervisior and have plenty of vacation days or he could leave and come back. Its real simple. But it just seems like he don't want to go. He have other children from a past marriage so it don't seem like a big deal to him but this is my first child and I want him to be a BIG part of it. Any suggestions???

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    1st~~I had 3 children and the first and last one I started showing REALLY early on but didnt gain more then between 20 and 22 pounds throughout the whole pregnancy. My middle child I didnt start showing until around 6 months but went on to gain 45 pounds. It's probably a good thing and I wouldnt worry too much about it.

    2nd~~My husband didnt go to ANY appointments with any of my children. It bothered me at first but after a while it wasnt a big deal. The fact that he didnt go to the doctor with me hasnt hurt anything. He is the best father any mother could ask for her children.

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    1st- women start seeing a bump anywhere around 11-15 weeks..i never had one because i never had a baby.

    2nd- your fiance is probably saving his vacation days for the last days.. so he can stay home with you when you really need it. You can try making an appointment after his work hours, so he goes with you. If it seems like he doesn't want to go, just ask him! He might not be comfortable, or he might just be saving his days as i said earlier. If he has kids already, he probably knows the importance of it and the excitement that comes with it! He is you "fiance", and you wouldn't have been engaged if he didn't care.. so be positive.. its good for you, and the baby... and congratulations to you both :)

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    11 weeks is not too early. My pants started getting tight at 6 weeks and I started showing a little by 3 months, so it's normal. Besides, everyone is different.

    About your hubby: Tell him it's important to you, but you may have to compromise. Going to every appointment may be overkill. Ask him to come on the "important" appointments, like any ultrasounds, or the later appointments, when you're closer to the due date. I know for my first, my husband went just about every time. But for my second, I didn't even want him there until later. It gave me a chance to cry on my midwife's shoulder.

    If he has an administrative assistant, call them up and let them know about your appointments and try to schedule them with your husband. It may be a little sneaky, but it might work!

    Congratulations, and good luck!

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    Im really sorry to hear about your 2nd question and to tell you the truth its not gonna get any better.

    My husband also has a child from his ex he is now 4 years old. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with baby #1 for me baby #2 for him.

    He has not gone to any appointments with me and has only gone to 1 ultrasound. He always blames it on work that and says he cant miss. Not only that i asked him to take some classes with me and said he had already taken them with his ex and that if i wanted to take them by myself. Through out my whole pregnancy he has compared it with his ex and it makes me feel really really bad.He doesnt touch my stomach, talk to the baby, or even wants to feel the baby kick because he claims he is afraid to hurt her. ( and from his own family i heard he wasnt like that with is ex when she was pregnant) If i were you enjoy your pregnancy on your own dont wait for him to be a part of it. You will regret it later if you dont make the best of it on your own!!!

    If he does come around then im so happy for you. Good Luck!

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    1) if ure haveing more then one then yea there could be a big bump, but if ure haveing one, a little isnt that bad!

    2) talk to him at dinner, or whenever you get the chance , say that you really want him to be part of this, think that since he is your husband then he should care more.

    Source(s): im only 14 and i never got pregnant, but, i do give good advice, Honors health class really helped me! And my family(alot of them are currently pregnant).
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    Thats not a baby bump hun.. Your baby is like half the size of your pinky nail right now... Go pick up a book...

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