Did I do the right thing with my ex before she left to move away?

My ex girlfriend whom I love very much still left to go to California this morning..

Before she left I made sure I saw her, we first met up 3-4 nights ago and it was nice, it was just fun and easy going, and then towards the end of the night I gave her a ring that she loved and I told her I loved her still...she said she just couldn't come back to right now

Then the next few days I told her if she wanted to stay here instead of going to Cali that I would buy an apartment and take care of her and that I loved her very much still

We met up last night and it was just casual again, I knew she wasn't going to stay and so I told her I was happy for her whatever she decided to do and it was nice to see her again...we hugged goodbye and then later i txt her that i wanted her to keep the ring to remember me and that i loved her...and she responded that she would cherish and keep the ring forever

I'm really happy now, I think maybe it was a good thing that she moved away...do you think I did the right thing?


she left me because she was losing feelings and didn't know why...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes I do think you have made the right decison, even though I can imagine it was pretty hard for you letting her leave like that. But it was for the best, I think. You cannot force love and if she has fallen out of love with you there is nothing much you can do other than be a good friend. You should try to work through your feelings and not get too caught up in the situation. You should move on with your life.

  • 4 years ago

    and you have been doing so properly. staggering up the area approximately her coming to her senses. Knock-knock. She got here to her senses. it particularly is why she left. Now we detect out in case you have been particularly doing the main suitable element or pretending so she could be extra possibly to return returned.

  • 1 decade ago

    yes, you did the right thing.

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