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My car A.C does not work?

How do I fix this?

HOw much will it cost?

It blows air but its like what a fan would blow. Its not particularly cold.

Im tired of sweating my butt off. Im in florida and its getting intorlerable.

Please help.

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    your AC system is probably uncharged. you can charge it yourself with R-134a recharge kit from walmart.(they are supposed to ask for the licence to buy it but they shouldent) or you could bring it to a shop and have it charged, they could also check to see if it has a leak (which may be why it no longer works) it shouldent run you anymore than $70-80. if its an older car its probably a R-12 system in this case your kinda screwed because they dont re-fill that system. you have to convert it to R-134. the info should be under the hood on a AC sticker.

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