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what are the penalties for breaking into a car and stealing a cheap pair of sunglasses in wisconsin?

the door was not locked and i only took a cheap pair of sunglasses, but i dropped my cell phone in the car and the police are now involved. I am 18 and had a previous offense before i was 18 for the same thing. So, is the previous offense cleared, and what penalties am i looking at if they find it was me. I told him i wasn't involved and he doesn't believe me but i'm jsut hoping he'll let it fly. I live in wisconsin.

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    Stealing is stealing. If the item is a penny or a million bucks you still stole it.

    Hopefully the cop charges you with a felony like burglary or breaking and entering maybe then you'll have a better understanding of right from wrong. If you want some thing get it the way most of us do. Get a job and work for it.

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    Let's see, you broke into someone's car (no matter if the door was locked or not), and STOLE a pair of sunglasses, then you left your cell phone in the car. Why on earth would the guy let you go? Theft is a crime. You'll at least spend a few nights in jail.

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    Theft is a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and up to a $10,000 fine. This is not classified as burglary in WI as it is a motor vehicle. WI does have a entry in a locked vehicle law as well but obviously would not apply if it was unlocked. So, fortunately for you, you are only looking at a theft charge.

    Source(s): WI Deputy
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    i gotta say, this is ridiculous. technically it's breaking and entering and burglary, but you'll probably get off with a few days community service; your youth records are sealed.

    i'm not the kind to preach, but really, you need to wake up. it's in your own self interest; you could get shot breaking into cars in some places.

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    you would be commited for manslaughter a minimum of, in case you kill him. in case you injure him, tried homicide. And in the event that they locate motive of your prefer to injure him, homicide. Ever watch American background X? you may. same difficulty. Now, if the burglar replace into on your sources on the time of the theft, and tried to injure you with the "gadget" once you caught them attempting to thieve the motor vehicle, then you definately've a self protection case if the guy ended up being murdered. yet good-success attempting to show self-protection if the guy replace into killed and you have been outdoors with a knife. Your weapon could be seen an motive to kill.

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    Hopefully they charge you with burglary and you spend some time in jail

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    Breaking Into A Car Law

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    ummm that doesnt sound too good. how did you not notice you left your phone? stealing something cheap is still stealing. dont do it again

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