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Can Wal Mart refuse this service?

So, my friend and I were at Walmart. He was buying cigarettes, but he didn't have his license. He had a school ID, social security and driving ticket, but no license. They refused his service. I had planned on getting cigarettes as well, and when I asked them for them, even with ID they refused the service because they assumed I was buying for him. Is that legal?


I had my ID though. They refused service to me because I was with him and HE didn't have his ID.

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    Yes, it is. Vendors may require any specific form of identification and refuse to sell if the customer cannot comply. Refusing to sell to a companion in such a situation is simply good sense. These are very real penalties assessed against vendors who are caught selling cigarettes to minors.

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    Perfectly legal. Stores (and restaurants, bars, etc.) are allowed to refuse service to anyone they wish, as long as they're not violating Federal anti-discrimination laws.

    It's against the law to sell cigarettes to minors. The store is making sure they don't get caught breaking that law. For all they know, you two were undercover Federal agents trying to bust them for selling to underage customers.

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    Yes it is. I had my 35 year old daughter refused because she did not have her liscense. We are now a Nanny State where the government decides what is best for you. WalMart is only following the letter of the law.

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