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why has mvp vs hardy been put on the summerslam match card

its been a crap rivalry for a start. if only one of them had a title then it could of been a ladder match which i would of been looking forward to. but since not it will be very boring. i would of preferred big show vs umaga.

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    I think it's just to get them established on the SD roster.MVP seems to have lost his momentum since the MITB match at Wrestlemania 23.While Jeff is just back from suspension and has been drafted over from Raw.The WWE management regard these two Superstars as future main eventers and want to develop them again as soon as possible.Summerslam is one of WWE's big ppvs and to gives them to showcase their talents on the higher stage.Plus MVP's feud with Matt would still be in mind and could leave open Matt interfering at Summerslam.

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    BQ: 8.5/10 BQ2: My known tournament type is severe rules contained interior the removing chamber at december to dismember very final 12 months's WWE Summerslam, they began the divas conflict royal so i might desire to commence this 12 months's tournament with 2 devoid of put off-paced action adult males. Cody Rhodes v Evan Bourne (dark tournament) Intercontinental tournament Kofi Kingston v Rey Mysterio-quite Cody Rhodes is recuperating yet Rey needs to place over Kofi first formerly Cody. i've got have been given faith babies who're besides the fact that in trip needs to be sure Rey extra advantageous than Cody. u . s . a . Championship tournament John Morrison with Melina v Ted Dibiase with Maryse-i desire to be sure extra advantageous of this sparkling couple feud. Tag team Championship The Hart Dynasty v SES v Ziggler, Swagger with Vickie Randy Orton and Evan Bourne v Chris Jericho and factor Chris Jericho v factor Gauntlet tournament women's Championship Layla v McCool v Beth v Tiffany WWE Sheamus v Randy Orton WHC Kane v The Undertaker Casket tournament Cena v The Rock

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    Because to get it good?.

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