yahoo tech support phone number

I have problem with getting in to internet through yahoo

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Try one of these: 866-562-7219, 800-699-2466

  • 6 years ago

    Support is always free of charge from Yahoo! -

    Phone and email support is available but you need to go through the product support pages below to see what type of support your issue qualifies for. For phone support you will see a "Call Us" link under Recommended Options. Clicking on this link reveals the Customer Care number, your personalized reference number, and your email address. You will need to give your reference number and your email address to the agent that answers your call in order to get support. For email support you will see a "Email" link under Recommended Options. Clicking on this link reveals a fill-in form. Fill out the form concisely and completely so this issue can be addressed properly.

    Start here -

    Select the product you need support for.

    Select the Topic that most closely matches your issue then select the Sub-topic.

    Under Recommended options you will see the support options available for your issue.

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