why is my mom and everyone else in my family gettin into my love life?

I am 21 yrs old met the most wonderfull man 8 months ago who is 31 he has 3 kids 13,12,10 whom i get along with, has a descent job ,but at the moment is finacially going through some crisis like most of us. My family keeps getting into my life tellling me hes just using me , my mom & grandma constantly keep telling me i need to leave him and that ive gone really low with a guy like him, he keeps me happy and sane hes never used me, as a matter in fact he wants me to move in with him when im ready. He lives 45 minutes from me and weve managed to keep our relationship going and its stronger than ever. I just want my family to accept him or at least for them to stop bugging me ive brought it to their attention that its bothering me when they attack me and it needs to stop but they dont care they just ruin my day.

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    Im sorta the same...ish. I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend, which we both pair for jointly, and evenly. My parents thought he would live off me, because even though im in college, I have a job that pays well more, and he is just working retail. They are just looking out for me. But, I'm only 20 so I'm still young and according to them, I just dont have the experience or wisdom, which i partially agree with. however, I know how to handly myself as I am sure you do too. Be careful in the meantime because there are people out there who will willingly take advantage of you. Just keep your financial stuff to yourself until you feel absolutely comfortable that this guy is the one. My family is still getting used to me being on my own with a guy and our relationship is a little strained, but that's life. Do your own thing, only you can decide what's best for you. Eventually, he will grow on your family and everything should be fine. Just be patient, and realize their intent is to protect you. (I know, its frustrating!)

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    families always want the best for their kids do not ever forget that. sometimes we are so in love that we do not see the truth... and as they say love is blind. You are 21 yrs old, you sh ould be out having fun with ur friends, and date, yet here you are dating a man thats 10 yrs older than you with 3 kids!!! have you dated enough to know this is what you really want? If so then all the power in the world to you, move out and go live with the guy and i bet you will have his next baby pretty soon ... thats very young age to have 3 kids!!!

    Make sure you know that guys life, and you know him well before you move in with him.... and always remember parents want the best for their kids. amd why has the relationship he has before did not work? are the kids all from one person or different women? a lot to think about here and we do not know all the story!

    My opinion is that you are making a mistake with this guy! you need to move on and date and see what life is, what u really want! girls in that age do not think with their brain....

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    tell that it is none of their busness, if neds be. tell them to just get the fk out of your love life. that should get the point across enough.

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