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Which one of these rap songs is the most creative?

1. Who's That Girl 09

This song is a combination of rap, pop, hiphop, r&b with a catchy hook and a unique, animated, in tune flow

2. Barack Obama

This song is a combination of rap, reggae, pop with a very catchy hook and inspiring lyrics and an animated flow

3. Dont Hate Me Cause I'm Sexy

This song is a combination of rap, big band jazz, pop and witty lyrics and a jazzy, in tune, animated flow...Original concept

4. Dont Push Your Belief

This song has a dark, unique beat, catchy, pop, hook and intelligent lyrics and an animated flow...Original concept

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    since when does creative=shitty?

  • id appreciate it if ud stop asking ppl to listen to this. nobody cares, to be quite honest, and it has become rather bothersome to the rap and hip hop community.


  • haha wow ur still doin this ish? holy cow man just calm it down and take a break...i dare you

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