Anyone due in January 2009?

How do you feel about now? Are you showing? I am due January 4th and my belly is nice and round (but obviously not huge). My husband and I just felt the baby kick from the outside for the first time :o) I've been feeling the baby since week 16, I am now 2 days shy of 19 weeks. Never got morning sickness but a lot of fatigue. Hard to sleep now. Since I can only sleep on my sides my butt gets numb!

How about you? Tell me everything!


Dragonfly: Wow you sound exactly like me! I am not overweight but I also have PCOS. It took me 1 1/2 years to get pregnant and its finally real! How long did it take you? Ya I find out in about two weeks too. I want to know everything about my little one! :o)

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    I have the same due date. :) I've felt the baby kick and am sort of showing sort of looking like I just gained some weight, but was a bit overweight to begin with (got pregnant after finally being able to lose weight...I have PCOS so it was hard). I feel pretty good other than the heartburn I get pretty much every day. I got a pregnancy pillow last week which I found makes it a bit easier to sleep, thouth it is a bit of a pain moving it around when I roll over. Have you fould out what your having yet? are you going to? I'm going to find out in 2 weeks though I wish it was sooner.

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    I'm due on the 28th of January and it feels like forever! I'm just a little over 15 weeks and I think I have felt the baby move just this week. I broke down and bought a home fetal doppler so I get to listen to the heartbeat every day. I hear this weird whooshing noise and I know that's the baby moving. So I try to really concentrate when I hear that and feel for the movements. I never really got morning sickness either. I never once threw up *knocking on wood* but I have had all day nausea. That has subsided a bit but I still have to eat every two hours or so. That gets VERY annoying to me. Heartburn has just started to kick in this week and I have been sucking down the TUMS like they are going out of style! I read that this week marks the development of the baby's hair and I have always heard that if you have bad heartburn the baby will have a head full of hair. So I'm wondering if there is a connection??? I still wake up once or twice a night to pee and I can no longer sleep on my back either. I was a stomach sleeper before so that really stinks for me! I also have PCOS and was a little overweight. I have put on about 18 pounds already and the majority has went to my hips! But you can definitely see the bump if I were the right clothes. I find out what I'm having in September so I'm really psyched about that. Good luck with your pregnancy!

  • Congratulations. Im due January 11th, Im kindof big too. We havnt felt the baby move onthe outside yet, but soon. We just had an ultrasound and found out its a boy. Ive felt the baby move for like 2 weeks now. I was really sick in the beginning, but not now. Im feeling a lot better now, just quesy like when baby moves around. Doctor told me I have a very active boy in there. Sleeping is the hard part too. Never get comfortable, when I get bigger that will be worse. Havnt had any weird cravings yet either.

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    I'm due January 25, and I'm now about 15 1/2 weeks with my first. We still don't know the sex but I'm very excited to find out next month. I think I'm just starting to feel some movement this week, but with this being my first I'm really not positive. I'm finally starting to get past the nausea and just feeling terrible all of the time. I'm also just starting to look a little pregnant. Other people say I look normal but considering I had toned abs before I feel big for me! Congrats on your baby!!!

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    I am due in February 2009. I am 13 weeks today. I've noticed just within the last few days that my pants are getting a little tighter. I started getting morning sickness at 10 weeks. Although, it's not every day and it's not always morning. Usually certain smells set it off. And I get headaches sometimes. Other than that, I've been feeling okay. You mentioned your butt going numb when you sleep... lol. Mine doesn't do that, but I get that sciatic nerve pain instead.

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    I'm due January 15th, and this is my 3rd pregnancy. This pregnancy compared to my other 2 has been a nightmare. I have severe morning sickness and it's very difficult to get through the work week. I have 2 girls and we are preying for a llittle boy. I have been feeling the baby move, but not from the outside. Our ultrasound appointment is for Aug. 15th and we are so excited. GOOD LUCK and Congrats on your pregnancy!!!!!!

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    Well I'm due in November, but I totally symathize with you, I haven't been sleeping since I was about 18-19 weeks, I end up staying awake all night, when I do fall asleep my hips start hurting bad from laying on them!!! Ahhh...the joys of being pregnant :)

    Congrats :)

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    i'm due Jan. sixteen. each and every from time to time I do experience as though time is slowly dragging on. yet whilst i think of of each and every of the flaws i might desire to get completed, then it variety of looks like, "OMG, i've got purely have been given some months left!" i'm additionally frightened approximately attempting to get each and every thing waiting with the vacations coming up. My final daughter replace right into a December infant, and that i remember all too nicely having to bypass Christmas procuring together as 9 months pregnant, lol. So splendid now, i think of i choose each and every of the time i will get.

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    i'm due dec. 29th!! woot! woot! lol i'm 19 weeks and 3days and it seem slike ever since i hit my 2nd trimester that it's jujst been flying by! i've been feeling my baby kick since 16 weeks and his kicks and movements have become much stronger!! lol my fiance gets so excited when he feels the baby! BTW it's a boy!! it's funny cuz he's so hyper that the doc could barley measure him!! lol well i'm 4lbs under weight and all i do is eat! lol my appetite has increased since 18 1/2 weeks! well congrats hun and good luck!!

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