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Baseball: What Lineup would you rather have?

Which lineup would you rather have??

1. Brain Roberts 2B

2. Ichiro Suziki CF

3. Ryan Zimmerman 3B

4. David Ortiz 1B

5. Manny Ramirez RF

6. Jason Bay LF

7. Derek Jeter SS

8. Ivan Rodriguez C

9. Roger Clemens P


1. Ichiro Suziki CF

2. Derek Jeter SS

3. Alex Rodriguez 3B

4. Jeff Kent 2B

5. Ken Griffey Jr RF

6. Vlad Gurrero LF ( oringinaly RF )

7. David Ortiz 1B

8. Geovany Soto C

9. Joba Chamberlain

I'd say the first lineup what about you??????


I just put players in a spot in the lineup from who i think of so i thought ortiz 7th

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    The second by a landslide, there is no comparison, unless you mean (in there Primes) then maybe i would have to stop & think. But right now, come on any lineup with Big Papi bating 7th is insane.

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    team 2

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    What the hell is David Ortiz at first base doing in any of these lineups?

    I would much rather have at.

    First base. Yukilous, AKA, "You Kill us".

    Not only that, but,

    Left field. Manny is strictly a left fielder

    2nd. base. Brian Roberts is a much better fielder and hitter (this year) than Kent.

    Catcher. Are you paying attention? "RUSSELL MARTIN" is the superior catcher in both leagues this year.

    Roger Clemens? Who "dat", "Da Steroid Monster"? Maddux is a better choice.

    Jeter, shortstop? Yes! As Branch Rickey once said about Eddie Stanky, "He can't run, hit, or throw, All he does is beat you.

    IRod, third base. Great choice.

    Suzuki, Center field, Who else?

    Vlad's great arm. "RIGHT FIELD" of course

    Source(s): Get real, Look at the stats and videos of "great players"
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    I woudl take the 2nd one. Theres a huge swing at the 3rd base spot. Every other position is relatively close. Im surprised by how many number 1 choices there have been.

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    First one except for Roger Clemens

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    Easily the first 1. they would just crush the 2nd team.

  • Anonymous
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    defianetly the first one...they have better players...i also dont get the 2nd one all that much...why would you put ortiz all the way down in the 7 hole?

  • Louis
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    1 decade ago

    Tough choice, but I'd take the second lineup.

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