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8 weeks pregnant and want advice

I was sitting in a kitchen chair and picked a 3 year old up onto my lap. I don't think that would cause any problems. It was like only a couple inches. I am paranoid. I'm not feeling well. My pelvis feels full and crampy (not excruciating and no bleeding) and I had a MISSED miscarriage not too long ago.


I'm on holdiays and have no access to my doctor until August 17. Also, he says to treat this pregnancy like a regular one that he does not believe anything I did caused the last miscarriage.

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    I had a miscarriage in Feb. this year and got pregnant 3.5 months later. Now I baby sit a 19 month old 2 days and a 15 month old 2 days each week. I've had no problems and my doctor hasn't worried about this. I'm now 15 w 1 d. If you feel pretty bad, you may want to see your doctor just to set your mind at ease though. I know how it is to be paranoid after a miscarriage, trust me!

  • You probably didnt do any damage. However since you have had a miscarriage, a recent one, I would be very careful how you pick up anything. You know the best way is to bend at your knees. I still forget and bend at my waist, then I hurt in the pelvic area for a day or so.

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    in case you're desiring something candy - attempt fruit. that is going to fulfill your candy teeth, yet nevertheless be healthful on your toddler. As for no longer gaining too a lot weight - exercising and consume smaller, extra popular food. strolling and swimming are very healthful for pregnant mothers. (except your wellbeing care expert advises you to no longer.) The smaller food extra often will help with morning ailment (in case you're between the unlucky ones). consume a nicely-balanced meal, yet you do no longer ought to overdo it. I often have a bowl of cereal till now i bypass to mattress each and each night - this way i'm no longer up at 2:00 a.m. raiding the cabinets for junk food!

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    that's tough, when i was pregnant with my second one i picked up my 4 year old practically the whole time, but if you have had a history of problems then maybe it's not a good idea, but i would talk to the doctor for sure. it's better to be safe than sorry; and the doctor isn't going to care if you bug them :-)

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