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when does running get easier?

Well ive just been accepted to the psco's (police community support officer) lol im from england, anyway just went on my first run to get into shape for my fitness, and lets just say im rusty more than i thought i would be!! if i run for about 45 minutes for 4 nights a week, when will i find my runs easier?

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    There really is no time frame for when they can get easier. However, if you work in some cross training or low impact workouts you can help strengthen your legs or core without the impact on your feet. Yoga, kick boxing, bike riding, or lifting weights are great workouts to strengthen your body. With a stronger core or better posture, your runs can be more efficient and easier.

    Also, make sure you are drinking enought water or gatorade so that you arent burning too much energy during your runs. Stay up on healthy carbs from pasta, brown rice, baked potatoe, etc. These will give you running fuel for your body.

    I keep a pretty good runner's blog full of advice if you are interested

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    That's great you want to stay in shape, and I'm proud of you for not giving up after your first run, like most people do. It does get much easier if you keep running. Don't stress yourself too hard though, you need to build up your foundation first before anything. I think that is a great starting point, do that for however long you need to till you feel comfortable and able to run through the whole thing fine before you try increasing the distance/time. Good luck(:

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    Listen to music and the news on a radio, it is quite enjoyable for me.

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    if you keep it up, they will progressively get easier, i can't say when exactly you will notice them getting easier, but probably in a month you will start to feel it getting easier

    Source(s): i run crosscountry and track
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    when u start having fun with it!

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