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Heat Protection Spray - Help Please

I know it is unsafe to straighten your hair without using heat protection products. I use Tresemme. However, when I apply it and wait a few minutes befoer straightening it, it is very difficult to straighten and feels really sticky. I was wondering... could I apply the heat tamer spray and wait 10-15 mins for it to fully dry befor straightening it. Would that still be safe?


No, I've got a good straightener. I have a GHD.

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    Are you sure that you're using a heat protection spray and not a hair spray? I use Beyond The Zone Turn Up The Heat Spray and it's not sticky wet or dry.

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    i think i use the same thing that you do, and i don't wait at all before i straighten it and it seems to work just fine. maybe you don't have a good straightener what kind do you have? i just got a GVP and it's amazing.

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