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MAJOR VIRUS PROBLEM-Need to factory restore..

MAJOR VIRUS PROBLEM-Need to factory restore..

I have the XP disk. The computer is a custom built PackardBell.

The screen is covered in red. The disk is not doing anything when I insert it, or when I restart with it in.

I have tried going to the black boot menu and looking for the factory restore option. No luck. It's just not there!

Any ideas guys?


Any help much app'd!!


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    i think you should try the packardbell recovery disk because you have to have the factory recovery disk and you have to wait for a few minute to let the disk load because when i do that it took me 10 min to get it up

    or better idea is if you have warranty or from factory warrenty and it still covers it then you could go and contact there service on the box of computer or on your computer or go to local computer service around your area

    oh next time better idea get a virus protector program

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