How do i get a visa and international drivers license

I am going to Germany to live abroad for a year. I know i need a passport, Visa, and an international drivers license. I know how to get the passport but what about the other two? and what kind of visa do i need???

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    If you're an AAA autoclub member, you can get your International Driving Permit at any office. You'll need your U.S. drivers license and two passport photos. I think it was $15 when I got mine.

    You'll need a visa for a stay longer than 90 days. Submit your visa appliation to the German Consulate. Here's their website-

    If you're working with a travel agent, or you're a AAA member, they can help you with the paperwork.

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    As you know, you will need to apply for a visa for Germany, since you're going to stay longer than 90 days. The type of visa to apply for will depend on why you're going to be there: contact the German embassy or the nearest consulate for instructions on how to apply:

    German Embassy

    4645 Reservoir Road NW

    Washington, DC 20007

    telephone (202) 298-4000

    web site:

    There are German Consulates in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and San Francisco.

    You can obtain the international driver's license from AAA:

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    You will get what is known as a Schengen Visa which gives you access to almost 25 European Countries.

    Citizens of European Union (EU) member states do not require visas to enter and stay in Germany.

    Citizens of other countries, except European Union (EU) member states who can enter without a visa may not stay longer than three months in a six month period or take up employment requiring a work permit. These countries include the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Israel

    For determining country-wise whose citizens require visas to enter Germany, use this link-

    For getting your International Driver's Permit, apply with your country's RTO (Regional Transport Office) or traffic Dept. or any recognised Automobile Association.

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    The rule of thumb is that if your Dutch Drivers license is in English or French it's excellent. If it isn't, you wish to have a International Drivers license because the Car Rental location, or Police are not more likely to be capable to learn Dutch.

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    why do you need a visa..I didn't need one in several EU countries.they are all together now.........

    The licence...........I don't know..................If it is a vacation(a couple of weeks)..prob don't need it...........Check with the German Embassey

    or hertz or whatever rental car co is there....

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