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Is it possible for the Mets to not blow a Johan Santana lead?

Do they have some sort of grudge against him? This is like the 5th time...


I wouldnt say hes overrated. hes a very good pitcher but luck just doesnt seem to be on his side these days. this is killing my fantasy team lol

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    Ya, I know. Sometimes I ask that question myself, but the Mets won today so that all that matters. Wins are just credit for your good pitching. I don't think they really mean anything. As long as he's pitching well that's all I can ask for. I have him on one of my teams as well so I know how you feel. It's depressing at times, I know. Well, at least he's pitching good, that's good. OUR BULLPEN SUCKS LATELY!!! Wow.... I just had to get that out of my system. Oh ya...... here's a star " * ". Enjoy it while you can.

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    this makes the mets alot extra advantageous. easily you replace the innings lost via Glavine's departure and you benefit the genuine pitcher in baseball. So not basically are you getting a bonafide ace, you're making your bullpen extra advantageous via making them would desire to artwork much less. you're additionally making something of your rotation extra advantageous because of the fact your former #a million Pedro is now your #2. And on the different end of the rotation you have Hernandez or Pelfry instead of Hernandez and Pelfry. including a stable pitcher particularly strengthens your team.

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    Crazy i know. At least they won the game. Santana did his job and kept them in the game. Very bad luck (or should i say a very bad bullpen) keeps blowing it for him.

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    Sadly yeah, The Mets bullpen blows donkey dick.

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  • Anonymous
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    i know but its cuz aaron heilman sucks he has blown like 6 leads in a row

  • Yea

  • lol...Looks like it.

    Johan has my vote for most overrated pitcher in baseball though.

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    Yes If he use the Correct Mechanics then he wouldn't blow those lead, Good Thing the Twins Traded him.

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    Actually, I would say he's the problem, because he's not conditioned to go the distance. If he was, this wouldn't be happening to him; and I despise when he blames Billy Wagner for him not winnning.

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    Most of their bullpen sucks. Lucky it wasn't Wagner that guy's a bum

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