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I have 2 weeks to lose weight fast! Any suggestions?

Can you tell me any really good ab exercises basically i just need help in the stomach region. I already do abs of steel. Help!

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    for cheerleading ; right now we're doing conditioning & we run three laps around the football field or the bleachers three times . we also do these ab exercises:

    crunches .

    one leg resting on your opposite knee & getting the opposite arm to touch it (ex:your right leg is resting on your left knee & your lest elbow is trying to touch your right knee .)

    side crunches .(you lay on on side and do side crunches)

    legs straight in the air & lifting your legs using your abs .

    hope this helps ! i know it's helped me !

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    lipo suction j/k

    running working out and eating salads

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    Have you tried this workout video?

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