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harry potter in super smash bros brawl???

i herd a rumor going about saying that harry potter was a secret character in super smash bros brawl if you have proof of this being wrong or right please answer

or if you do no of a secret character please tell me

i have beaten the sub space emmisionary thing already so i have every character up to sonic

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    sry, no harry potter. first off, hes not nintendo, and theres only....i think 3 non nintendo people in brawl. who knows, maybe in the next super smash bros

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    what a load of crap. go to and they will show you all the available characters. and even if that were true harry poter would be an epic fail in ssbb.

  • Harry Potter is Gay

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    that's a lie. Whoever told you that is a piece of doodoo.

    go to

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    No he is not in the game, the ppl you heard it from are lying to you...

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