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what do i need to make a recording studio

because im starting a rap group n i wanna make sure whats da materials i need.. and also i wanna upload them to my myspace music page

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    Starting a rap group and uploading music for the public to listen to are hard enough. Why try to learn recording on top of all that?

    The rappers I know pretty much work at it full time - dance lessons, voice lessons, gym and rehearsals eat up all their time.

    The good engineers I know are also full time engineers. It can take 10 years of hard work before an engineer really becomes comfortable with his craft.

    Next, studios are expensive. The cheapest home setup I can think of would run you about $20,000. You might be thinking that you can do it for less but you would be buying junk. For example, a good vocal microphone can cost between $2000 and $5000 - I've got 40 of them in my microphone closet. Also, a simple signal chain UA610, VacRac, Apogee 16X is another $13,000.

    Stick with your group - it will be more than enough to handle.

    Good luck

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    I am now not a hip hop artist, however the final time I recorded a music, it costed $800 and I realize humans who've paid plenty extra for a music. So I am going to peer what I can do to check out to list at house. It's tough although cuz I am now not a musician. I do exactly lyrics, melodies, and I sing.

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