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do i separate the boy bunny and the girl bunny when the girl bunny had babes?

i separated them for 4 days and i put them back together because the girl bunny is not taking care of the babes so i am. and when i put them back together the boy bunny grossly started humping the girl bunny but she is running away from him and he is chasing her.

should i sepera them? if yes then for how long?

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    You house the female and male separately AT ALL TIMES except for the actual breeding. You put them together to breed (female is taken to the male's cage, not the other way around), separate right after, then repeat in 8 hours to make sure she 'took'. Other than that, they MUST be housed separately always! There's a few reasons for that.

    1) Female rabbits can carry two litters of different ages at the same time, resulting in a stressful situation for her and it's hard on the babies from both litters, since the first litter often has to be weaned early to make sure the second gets enough milk, and the female will not produce as much milk for the second litter, most of the time.

    2) Male rabbits re-breed the female immediately upon birth of a litter. Back-to-back litters are hard on her body and irresponsible.

    3) Female rabbits who are nto altered are very territorial. if she gets tired of the constant harassment or objects to his presence in 'her' territory, she can and will seriously injure or kill her.

    Since you don't know this, you shouldn't be breeding. Please spay and neuter your rabbits. They make better pets and live longer, healthier lives. Once that's done and they are healed, if you introduce them properly, they can live together happily on a permanent basis.

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    Since you put them back together, she's almost certainly pregnant again, so don't be surprised if you get more babies.

    Usually the male will start humping the female as soon as they are together, because he wants to breed. My bunny had to run away from that a lot too, she got really mad.

    You definitely need to separate them if he's always going after her, she could get really stressed out and that wouldn't be a good thing if she's pregnant.

    If they only fight once in a while you could put them together sometimes; but if they start fighting take him out.

    But make sure that when she's getting close to having the next litter you LEAVE him out, because she can get pregnant again within 24 hours of giving birth! And then she'd have to take care of 2 litters at a time which doesn't work well and yeah it's just a bad idea to have them together.

    Source(s): My bunny had babies 3 times.
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    Biggest screw up I see here is you touched the babies which may explain why the mother isn't taking care of them. Rabbit mothers can and will kill their babies if their is a foreign scent on them. Like your scent or the males scent. So she basically disowned them. Yes rabbits do this. And yes the mother can actually kill the babies she finds not to be her own anymore. Sounds cruel but it is their natural way of life. Some animals are like that, and some animals will take in a totally different species and take care of it like their own. Rabbits are not the latter. If you find the mother is not taking care of the babies at all anymore, then you are their lifeline from now on as she disowned them already. Keep the male and female separated from now on. Until you get them both fixed, they are horny little buggers. Hence the expression, "breeds like rabbits".

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    Yes keep them apart unless you want little babies again, if the babies are at the right age then don't put them back with the mom or the dad, the parents will eat them. It's very true, my friend used to have 10 of them whom she breed. If I where you should always keep the male and female apart.

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    Keep your male and female rabbits apart at all times. Give those babies back to their mother, please!

    Buy and READ thoroughly "Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits" by Bob Bennet.

    Don't do this again until you know what you are doing.

    Source(s): ARBA member/exhibitor/breeder, 4H rabbit project leader
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    The boy's presence is going to stress the female out even more.

    Please neuter your rabbits and stop breeding.


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    Yes you should. You should also seperate the baby bunnies into male and female groups. Unless you want MORE babies

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    If you leave them together she is going to keep having more and more babies. There are already too many unwanted pet rabbits in shelters.

    Please keep them apart or spay and neuter them both.

    Source(s): I have raised rabbits for over 15 years and I am a licensed registrar with the American Rabbit Breeders Association. http://www.arba.net/ http://www.blueribbonrabbitry.com/
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    Separate them, permanently, if you do not want them to have more babies. Your other option is to have one, or both, of them altered (neutered/spayed).

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    yes better be safe than sorry considering you cant even spell babies.

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