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Hair extensions for 'classic' emo hair? help please

Hiya :)

I am a 14 (soon 15) year old girl that wants the 'classic' emo hairstyle with a long bang in the front swept to the side and short and spikey in the back.

The problem is that I Dont have long enough hair in the front. It's like 3 cm past my eyes.

plus that i have many layers in my hair so since i dont have thick hair and need the hair that's kinda in top of the head, if u understand, It'll look too thin in the front.

I am too lazy to wait a year or something like that for my hair to grow, so I wonder if i could use hair extensions? or will that look bad?

Thanx for answers! :)

..and btw! I could use some pictures to show how I want my hair at the hairsaloon, but none of the pictures i have of that hairstyle is good enough... can someone please give me a link to some pictures? ty :)

..oh and last... ;P Is it 'okay' for girls to have that hairstyle? i mean all the pictures i have seen of that is of boys.. :/

thankies all :) :)

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    lol that hair completely describes scene but if u want emo keep it short bobcut is nice and then the bangs are fine but if u want scene here are sum steps for ur hair

    1. brush thru hair

    2. straighten hair (chi chi chi straightner)

    3. brush thru hair

    4. Tease!!! if u dont kno how look it up on youtube

    5.while teaseing HAIRSPRAY!!! (rave hairspray preferably)

    6. make sure u only teased the top if u got the bottom then u can just hold the middle and brush thru the bottom

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    you're tremendously gorgeous the way you at the instant are inspite of the undeniable fact that it incredibly is kinda glaring. i think of you may seem good with that new style of hair which you needed. yet i think of you may seem the superb in case you had your hair shoulder length. quite with some blonde or maybe pink highlights.

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    It will look horrible.

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